Copywriting services

Do you need to write the text for a leaflet, article or press release, or create new content for your website? If so, we can help. Our copywriter has twenty years of experience in corporate communications and, for the last five years, has specialised in writing for the social housing and community sector. She will research your project, conduct interviews if required, and write up your copy from scratch.

Alternatively our copy editing service may be more appropriate – send us some information in writing and we’ll edit and shape the text to make it appropriate for your target audience.

All of the copy we provide will be thoroughly proof checked. We can also proof read documents that you have prepared (just send them to us in Word or PDF format).

Hourly rates
Our hourly rates mean you’ll only have to pay for the time it takes to complete your job:
Copy writing (researching, interviewing and writing an article from scratch) – £35 an hour.
Copy editing (we will edit information supplied by you, put it into plain English and write it up based on your house style and in language that is suitable for your target audience) – £25 an hour.
Proof reading (we will proof read your documents, checking for spelling, grammar and other inconsistencies and errors and make minor edits if required) – £20 an hour.

Please get in touch to find out if we can help, and don’t forget to let us know your deadline.


Our rates range from £20 an hour for proof reading to £35 an hour for a full copywriting service (see above for further details).


We can also offer other communication services, including website updates, web content writing, and social media posts. Get in touch for more information.